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“Food without wine is a corpse; wine without food is a ghost; united and well mitched they are as body and soul".

Andre Simon (1877-1970)

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Seafood connoisseurs often refer to
the hard-shelled Canadian Atlantic Lobster as the "King of Seafood"...
And we would have to agree.

Lobster is not only delicious, it is
highly versatile and one of the most nutritious sources of protein you can

Did you know we offer a wide variety
of lobster?

The traditional form of sushi is fermented fish and rice, preserved
with salt in a process that has been
traced to Southeast Asia, where it
remains popular today.

The term sushi comes from an archaic grammatical form no longer used in other contexts; literally, "sushi" means "it's sour" a reflection of its historic fermented roots.

Do you know caviar?

Sure, you have heard about this delicacy. You probably even tasted it already.

But, do you really know what makes
this delicacy so unique?

To discuss caviar, we need to discuss the fish behind the delicacy.

Champagne first gained world renown because of its association with the anointment of French kings.

Royalty from throughout Europe spread the message of the unique sparkling wine from Champagne and its association with luxury and power.

Enjoy a good glass of sparkling joy with your amuse, starter and not to forget oysters!

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